Easing First Day Jitters: Strategies for Successful Home-to-School Transitions

Here are suggestions for strategies that we recommend and use at Saddleback Children’s Center to help create a successful transition between home and school:

1. Establish a routine in which you drop off your child at the same time and pick them up at the same time (this can be more flexible once your child has acclimated to school).
2. Talk to your child about what to expect and remind them about who will come to pick them up at the end of the day.
3. Make drop-off time quick and simple (only a couple minutes) with these suggestions:
• Hug and/or kiss your child good-bye after you sign your child in.
• Connect with a teacher and tell your child, “It’s time to go with Miss ____ now” or “It’s time to wash your hands and it’s time for me to leave, I will be back at the end of the day.”
• Once you sign your child in, please do not stay around to watch where your child can see you or re-enter the classroom (again this can be flexible once your child has acclimated). This makes it more difficult for your child to separate.
4. Remember that our staff is all here to help this transition process go as smoothly as possible and that it is typical to have an adjustment period that can be different for each child. We also realize this is an adjustment for parents too!

The following article provides helpful tips that you can use during the transition process!

Source: Easing First Day Jitters: Strategies for Successful Home-to-School Transitions | National Association for the Education of Young Children | NAEYC YC | Young Children Journal


Outdoor Learning at Preschool

19576880_10213025165812303_755368101_oOur family loves the outdoors as it gives us more intentional time together, while all of us are enjoying each other’s company as well as where we are. There is always less arguing outdoors because toys found in nature are unlimited! There are infinite rocks and sticks as well as trees to be climbed and bugs to catch. I find myself relating to all of the 11 reasons listed in the following article and it makes me want to be outdoors more!

It is also wonderful to see how many of these reasons to take kids outside are already incorporated daily and throughout the day all day long here at Saddleback Children’s Center. We have been moving in the direction of becoming certified as a school that has an Outdoor Classroom, which increases outdoor experiences that our children will have through the design of our playground as well as the classroom. We have already noticed how outside play has become more intentional and focused, which has been a large benefit to children learning through these outdoor experiences, but also limits conflict.

Source: 11 Reasons to Take the Kids Outside